Monday, July 31, 2006


The little boy was anything but serene last night!!! Have made an appt for him to see the Dr tomorrow as his cough is getting worse and he has one rosy cheek (on his face not his bum).

This is a page I just finished for a LSBS challenge - you could only use paper and inks (anything for the title) Im so pleased with it - I have already scrapped this day for B's albums so I'll either frame it or post it up to my mum for her album.....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mark Anthony Project

OK just a bit of an update. we received our first lot of donations from Grant Archival its brilliant so much useful stuff. I have a few more donations coming in and teamed with my LSS closing down I have some good supplies ready I have 5 books completed and also a few other people on board. Once I get some replies from the 4 hospitals Ive contacted I'll then be looking for more people. Ive also found its very easy for me to whip up the albums so that will also be an option for me to send out blank albums for people to decorate and then send them back to me. I think thats all for now


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lots Done

Ive been scrapping furiously t he last few days and have just scanned them all on my BRAND NEW computer YAY

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Putting my addiction to good use.

After chatting with a few girls at the Little Scrap Book Shop Forum, a few of us Melbourne girls have decided to join them in the Mark Anthony project. Which is all about making small handmade, pre decorated albums for the parents with premmie or still born children so that they have a keepsake of their babies.

Will keep you posted as our journey develops.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ive Been Tagged

Four Jobs I’ve Had :
1) Check Out Chick
2) Insurance Broker
3) Insurance Underwriter
4) Mummy

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over :
1) The Wedding Singer
2) Jackass
3) Empire records
4) Mallrats

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch :
1) Mythbusters
2) Wildboyz
3) Project Runway
4) Survivor

Four Important things to me :
1) My Boys Paul and Bennett
2) My parents
3) Food
4) Scrapbooking

Four Tunes That Play In My Head :
1) North South East & West Hi5
2) Engie Benjie Theme
3) Jo Jo's Circus Theme
4) Can you see a theme here? Any Other theme theme on nick jr or the disney channel

Four Favorite Food Dishes :
1) Steak ( reeeallly big one)
2) Chicken Kiev
3) A good chip shop Burger
4) Shawarma from Abduls in Surry Hills Sydney

Four Websites I Visit Daily :
1) Little Scrapbook Shop
2) OHG
3) Bankwest
4) FSA

Four Scrap company's I like :
1) Basic Grey
2) Making Memories
3) Junkitz
4) AED

Four Favorite Colors :
1) Blue
2) Brown
3) Silver
4) Is sparkly a colour?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another Challenge Completed

Just finished another challenge for the Little Scrapbook shop man they work us hard over there :P

Bennett snoozing at Alen and Ilonas cup day BBQ and the day I met Bonny (lucky we went hey Bon :oP)

A Scratch and Sniff Chrissy Card (thanks for the tips zane)

Some Kooky shots from uni as my camera was in the final stages of life.

A Few More Pages

Here are a few more pages I have completed in the past.....

My Prize arrived

Woohoo my prize from the cyber crop arrived today!! A huge cheer for Alison Ellis Design and their lovely papers


Monday, July 10, 2006

A lovely Surprise

On The weekend I participated in a cybercrop (scrapbooking challenges posted on the internet so you spend the night flouncing between the computer and your scrapbooking space.)

anyway I entered a few of the challenges and I actually won one. I am so chuffed.

Here is my winning entry

A new adventure begins..........

Apparently I'm not allowed to post my "scrapbooking crap" on Bennett's blog anymore (isn't my husband eloquent) so I thought I'd create my own space to rant on about my addiction.