Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Crazy Morning

My walk this morning was an absolute ordeal!!! Started off by me being slow to get going so didn't leave till 6:30 so I knew I'd have to do the short version as I have to be home for 7:15 so Paul can leave for work.
Stupid Penny ran off as soon as I took her and Jumble off the lead and only Jumble came back so spent almost an hour looking for her!! Paul just caught his bus but we had to wake up Bennett so I could go back out and look for her again - with the Jumble safely locked in the yard. Bennett and I walked around for an hour (him in his pjs and with no breakfast) until we were going to be late for swimming so rushed home to get ready and the STUPID dog was in the yard - she must have found her own way home and the neighbours put her in the yard.
Man did I have a headache after all that!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mothers Group and a bit of scrapping

Our mothers group was back together after almost 3 years apart!!! Maija and Onni moved to China when the kids had just turned 1, seeing as they are nearly 4 it was great to see them playing together!!

Making a farewell book for Maija all those years ago was how I got into scrapping in the first place so it was nice to be able to make her a few more pages to mark the day, she can add some photos from the day in when she gets them printed.

I also have these 2 pieces completed for various challenges.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to Uni

Well I just finished my last day at Scrapbooking University

It was an intensive weekend course rather than the 5 week course and OMG I have so much overload its not funny!! I'm so keen to get stuck into my scraproom - I have a few ideas on some organising plus a whole new range of design ideas to start playing with.

My goal last year was to get published - this didn't happen but I reckon my scrapping will take on a whole new maturity now I've done this course!! It was FANTASTIC.

At this stage there are only a few places you can complete the course but if you get a chance DO it!! The fees might seem a lot (my particular store charged $250) but it was WELL worth it - you didn't need to take anything along and got lots of stuff to play with and keep.

We had homework last night to do some journalling and we had to read it out this morning. I managed to make EVERY single woman in that room cry (including myself) LOL so I guess it was some pretty emotive journalling.

Stay tuned for some fab new pages from this inspired chicky!!!