Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still Going............

a few more things bursting from my (still) tidy scraproom

A Tidy Scraproom is gpod for the Mojo......

Monday, December 24, 2007

Work Christmas Party

You've got to love a job where your end of year party consists of scrapping up a storm!! My photos were doing nothing for my MoJo so I made a stack of cards instead........ even christened my grungeboard YAY

Friday, December 21, 2007

Scrappy Catch Up

Ive finally finished Gran's album of Gramps - only 12 months late so thats not too bad LOL

Got loads done at the retreat.........

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Questions

I pinched this from Bex who pinched it from Kayla :)

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping Paper
2. Real tree or artificial? Artificial
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually 1st december - last year was much earlier and this year was quite a bit later
4. When do you take the tree down? Not sure - probably will take it down NYE this year so there is more room for the party
6. Favorite gift received as a child? loved my Mr men cubby house
7. Do you have a Nativity scene? No
8. Hardest person to buy for? Dad
9. Easiest person to buy for? Bennett
10. Worst Christmas Gift you ever received? Hair clippers from my parents (to cut jumbles hair) They ended up being a great present and get used all the time to shave Pauls head
11. Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoons Christmas
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Janurary - What can I say I'm super organised
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yep I'm the queen of regifting
15. Favorite things to eat at Christmas? Trifle and Dad's Cola Ham
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Coloured are my Fav but we have both
17. Favorite Christmas song? Happy Christmas (War is Over) by John and Yoko
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Refuse to travel
19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? No
20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Star atm would love an angel like my mums :)
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? All on christmas morning - unless its from family you won't see christmas day - I like them to see you open it
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? That religion thing getting in the way of a good holiday :P
23. What is the “silliest” family tradition you do, or miss doing? I was allowed to open ONE present before I woke my parents up.
24. Ugliest Christmas Decoration ever invented? All are good - The tackier the better.
25. Which looks best, theme trees or homey trees? I have a 3 year old - definately homey. - My mum has the christmas angel on top of her tree I made when I was about 8 or 9 its awesome :)
26. Gingerbread or sugar cookies? Gingerbread
27. Do you like Fruitcake? Yes especially Kyms and I get one off her tomorrow YUM

Monday, December 17, 2007

40kgs Lost

YAY today I hit the 40kg mark (41.3kgs actually) only 2.2 kgs to my goal weight WOOHOO

According to Paul I have zero ability to keep my eyes open during a photo!! This is the best of a pretty dodgy lot!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Off We Go Again

Back up to Newcastle tomorrow as my Grandma passed away on Saturday. She had a stroke a few months ago and went down hill rapidly over the last couple of weeks (perhaps another stroke?) My mum has been by her bedside (with my Auntie) since Thursday so I'm hanging out to give her a cuddle.

I found out she had passed away whilst I was on the Scrappe Angels Heaven retreat so that was a downer but the girls were amazing and looked after me so well!! I got some gorgeous pages done and will hopefully get a chance to upload them when I get back next week

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here comes the "inner thin"

A few more pics seeing as I am so close to the goal - 36.5kgs down and 3.5kgs to go not bad for 6 months I reckon

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was tagged by BON this is hysterical!!

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet, current car)
Dusty Lancer

2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie)
Rum and Raisin Venitian

3. YOUR FLY “GUY/GIRL” NAME: (first initial first name, first 3 letters last name)

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Blue Dolphin (sounds like a cocktail)

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Marie Waverly

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters last name, first 2 letters first name)

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink and add” the”)
The Red pineapple

8. NASCAR NAME: (first names of your grandfathers)
Billie James

9. STRIPPER NAME: (favorite perfume, favorite candy)
Happy bullet

10. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s and father’s middle names)
William Charles (mum has none dad has 2)

I tag Missty, Kayla, Bex and Sara

Thursday, September 27, 2007


According to Tianne I don't blog enough so here is my Tag (and how much am I loving being called skinny steph!!)

Skinny (well almost LOL)
Exercise addict

I tag
Jude, Jools, AT, Bon & Tash

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just for Fun

These clothes are about to go to a new home so I thought I'd try them on for old times sake - what do you think? Reckon I've lost any weight????

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Remember those cute little tins......... this is what Narelle's one looked like opened.

A few pages

Scrap Therapy is having a CC this weekend and I managed to get a few pages done :)

This is some close up pics of the snow angel one.......

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting There...........

feb 2007

June 2007

August 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cute Little Tins

I saw these decorated and filled tins here and just had to give them a try.

they are filled from the bottom and then resealed with glossy accents/dimentional magic and then decorated. When my friend opens hers today I'll try and get a pic of the insides.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Click N Scrap - New Shop and Cheap Stuff

I stumbled upon this today - they seem to have some great sale stuff!! Check it out
Visit Click'N'Scrap

Monday, August 06, 2007

Cyber Cropping

Scrap Therapy had a CC this weekend and I also went to a Craft Kids demo and managed to get a page done there too :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So busy all of the time!!!

It's just been crazy around here at the moment - every day seems busier than the last and as such I feel like my organised eating had gone out the window luckily the scales were forgiving (total to date 20.8kgs) but Carmel gave me the talking to I needed so no more subway for me for a while.

I did manage to get a couple of pages done for some challenges at LSBS. I think I might have to make the time to stay back after work and do some crops/classes to force me to sit down!! Once a month we will be having a staff meeting before a friday night crop so that will be cool to stay back after that - might have to try and talk the Werribee and Lara chicks into coming too!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, It's Official


Woohoo I start working at my local scrapping shop next week. YAY for me ;)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Inside every fat person...........

Is a thin person busting to get out.................. here comes my "inner thin person"

8th feb 2007 and 24th June 2007

Wall Hanging and a few cards

This is for my friends Housewarming party ;)

and who would have though 2 pieces of bazzil and one piece of DCWV PP could create these cute cards

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A few new things

We've been so busy lately but I have managed to squeeze in a little scrapping...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I thought I'd be spared by this until I read Relsi's Blog LOL

Name three things that scare you ......... drunk drivers, George W Bush and my weight loss woman.

The daggiest thing in your music collection.... according to paul probably Dean Martin

Your three favourite clothing items........ Jeans, Tshirts, thongs

Your partners most annoying habit.....Oh he has soooooooo many but the most annoying Hmmmmm probably when he gets Bennett undressed for the bath or bed he leaves B's clothes where they come off. Ive started to just get over that though and put them in the laundry myself.

What stresses you out.... Bennett being slow when we need to be somewhere LOL

Your favourite household chore…What the? I don't mind putting the dirty washing in the machine.

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for….. I'm a tighta$$ so I'd browse the whole store first and buy a whole heap of reduced stuff

In my next life I would like to come back as… Tyra Banks or Oprah

Your least favourite celebrity… Tom Hanks

I tag......... Wirg Missty and Jas